Quotes ♥ My happy little pill

Monday, 28 July 2014

  Heya! What's up everybody? ♥ 

Today I decided to share to you guys some of the picture quotes that I have on my phone recently.
It's a bit of a habit for me to screenshot this kind of stuff. I like it. I hope I'm not the only one though. Don't even deny it, you  love to screenshot as well! TWINNING GAME STRONG! 

I know everyone goes through a bad day, week, month or even for a year.  I myself definitely have those moments where I feel sad, unmotivated and lost. Sometimes life in general overwhelms and gets to me...you know what am sayin' ? For no reason, out of the blue we just feel that weird sadness and we start  over-thinking  and stressing out for something that doesn't really matter. You can be the happiest person in the world but at the end of the day you're only human. Too cliche to say it but its true. Big or little some random things bothers us as much as we would rather ignore it.That's just life's logic,I guess. That's the beauty of life at the same time it challenges us to overcome our fears and to become a better, stronger person.  We just got to keep reminding ourselves of all the positive things in life. There are more good than bad in this world. Sometimes things may not work out for us but we just got to keep thinking positive and  that there's a light at the end of the tunnel . 

So anyway I realize that these beautiful, motivating words that I stumble upon twitter and instagram definitely helps me to keep that positive outlook in life and to remind myself to love life and be happy. It helps me to push away these annoying voices in my head and change it to singing angels, probably rapping some pretty deep stuff. This is just one way that I find helpful to slay life's weirdness. So if you ever feel a bit down just go on twitter and follow all these accounts that posts inspiring quotes and sayings. Few celebrities on instagram like my fave Nina Dobrev  and Cara Delevingne posts are pretty good and on point. 

I hope you guys find this post a little helpful, if not today maybe one day. P.S. you guys definitely have to check out Troye sivan's new single #HappyLittlePill I will link the song below. It's pretty good, just saying. He is a youtuber if you don't know him.  ♥  I will talk to you guys on my next blog post. Just a little reminder...KEEP SMILING! Definitely the best accessory out there! byeeeee ♥ 

Lots of love, 
Camille ♥ 

DIY Time ♥ Quick & Easy DIY Bow Back Top

Monday, 21 July 2014


Heya what's up everybody! 

Today's blog post is probably one that I'm most excited about  because...it's 
 DIY TIME! Everyone loves a lil DIY right? right?! #YAAAAS

So I'm gonna be showing you guys one of the many many quick and easy DIY on how to recycle old t-shirts! A fun way to spice up it up. You basically just need a shirt,scissors and cutter to make this one. I actually did this last summer and i absolutely loved it! So I decided why not do it again this summer and show you guys how to do it! 
I'm pretty sure y'all pretty ladies own a gazillion (well not really) t-shirts that's just chilling in your closet ,feeling lonely and bored because you never wear them anymore. You probably got tired wearing it over and over again. Yet, you just love keeping them anyway. That's not very nice isn't it? Don't worry! I have the perfect solution for you and your shirts to "kiss and make-up" this summer! So I'm just gonna get into it and show you how to do it...ready? 

p.s. no sewing on this one (ain't nobody got time for that)

What you need:
  1. Old T-shirts or any shirts that you feel like giving a make-over.
  2. Pair of Scissors 
  3. Cutter                                                                                                                                            (note: ask assistance from an adult when using scissors/cutter. JUST SAYING! Be careful when using them. )                                                                                                                                                                
  4. Board/card board we need to use this so when cutting the back of the t- shirt it won't cut through the front part. 
  5. Tape any type of tape e.g. sellotape, double-sided tape. (optional)                                                                        
STEPS :     note: I just want to give you guys a heads up "I'm not very good at explaining so hopefully these pictures are good enough to help you understand the process. I'm sure you will anyway" #ThankYou

  1. Position your T-shirt. Lay it out properly on the floor.

2.) Cut the end bit of  of the T-shirt. Keep the material because you're going to use it for later on.

 If you decide that you want to make it into a crop top then just cut few more inches. 
         After cutting make sure to pull both ends of the shirt just to get rid of the rough, ugly edges. 

3. Cut the neckline front and back. 

4. make sure you use a cardboard or any  board so when cutting the back of the t-shirt it doesn't                            cut through the front.

5. Guideline This is an optional step but because I'm terrible at trying to measure the length of both sides a.k.a winging it I used a double-sided tape, you can use any tape or anything that will act as your guideline when creating the slits in your t-shirt.

6. Using my cutter i started  cutting out creating slits on the t-shirt.


   7.  Again yank/pull both ends of the slit to get rid of the rough edges.  


8. Take out the material that you cut out earlier and again cut them in smaller pieces. 


9. Tie -To create the bow effect simply tie that material in the middle part and BOOOOM! You got yourself some bows. #bowmazing 

So after tying it together, cut the extra hanging material so it won't look messy. 
You can either tie all  the slits together or leave some to create a different style.Try make different style for every shirt. 

in 1, 2,3.......

you got yourself a new top #BOWmazingTop

This is what the front of the shirt looks like.
I decided to crop top mine.

I am so obsessed with this DIY style! Its so quick and easy to do and also its fun,cute and you know perfect for summer! This also saves us from spending our money. I do see this style of tops in the shops and they're quite pricey. I hate pricey stuff. You know what I'm saying " I got 99 problems but you won't be one" like what? It's all about being practical these days. :) 

If you don't have any t-shirt to use for this DIY and still want to try it ,you can try buy a t-shirt from the charity shops or get it cheaper from shops like Penneys/Primark . I actually didn't have any t-shirt because I had to throw most of my old ones since we moved in to a new house .It was the perfect time to let them go. they're pretty old...RIP my old t-shirts. Anyway my brother still had some few of his t-shirts that doesn't fit him anymore so i just asked if i can have them. He was nice enough to give it to me.Problem solved.

Another style of this DIY BOW BACK TOP

Quote:  " You are what you do, not what you say you'll do" 

It's scary to think that  year 2014 is almost over like we only got 5 months left until 2015?!5 months?! It's craaaaaayZ. Let's live it up guys! Hahaha anyway, that's it for this blog post guys. I hope you liked it! Have fun DIY-ing up your t-shirts with this BOWmazing style. If you decide to try this DIY then tag me in your picture on instagram or tweet me on twitter. links below. I just want to see it...OKAY? OKAY. 

I've been listening to this song  like crazy while editing this post - Shower by Becky G
you can play this while reading the post if you feel like it. 


byeeeee .xoxo
Camille  ♥


OUTFIT POST ♥ Floral Maxi Skirt + Perfect Combos for Summer!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Heya what's up people!

So today I finally decided to put up my first blog post ever ! Ahhhhh! sorry I'm just really excited. Anyway I've always wanted to own one but i was just a bit scared, aren't we all? So here i am finally facing my fears and just living life to the fullest.yeah. 

Moving on... 
I wanted to start off with something that I personally enjoy when checking out other people's blog or youtube videos,twitter or instagram or Harry styles ...wait what? #YES
Which is *surprise* surprise* *Drumroll* an  OUTFIT POST!

 I absolutely adore this outfit! This is just the perfect summer look that i would definitely wear...ALL THE TIME. maybe I'm wearing it right now,maybe not ,who knows.  

                                                   FLORAL MAXI SKIRT                                                                              
     I purchased this from FOREVER21  few months ago and the quality as always is superb!
I was actually surprised that it wasnt as expensive as i thought it would be. It was around €12 I think which is a pretty good price! 

I love me some florals! I've a bit of obsessions with anything that has a floral print on it or any "flowery stuff". i swear it has nothing to do with me being a girl.nope. 
I never really thought that I would ever see myself wearing a Maxi Skirt given that I am pretty tiny, I'm very short hence the name of my blog "Little Lady" (just wanna put it out there haha). Sometimes I do find it hard to find bits and pieces to mix and match and Maxi Skirt is one of those. I've always had it in my head that says "DONT EVEN TRY IT GIRL YOU KNOW IT WONT LOOK GOOD ON YOU" but guess what?! I decided to be all rebel one day so I tried one and BOOM! I honestly love the way it fits me, I thought it was going to make me look even smaller but it didn't. Well i think so anyway.                                                                                                   

Lesson Learned : Not until you've given something a chance or even tried it never EVER jump into a conclusion that it wont work out for you or that you cant wear certain outfits. Trying is always a good idea. and pizza. #DEEP


This one is from Penneys /Primark for €8 only! how awesome is that?! again I am obsessed with this hat. It's just one of those MUST HAVES accessories that completes your outfit. I can pretty much wear this with anything and BOOM! Outfit complete! definitely makes any outfit 10 times better! in my case 100 times better! Plus it gives me a little extra height which is pretty fantastic (another tip for you my fellow shortie).  #IGOTU


My sister got this plain white shirt for me from the Philippines. I think its from this shop called  Black Sheep .not sure. Its so soft!i love it! Wearing any plain top, a bando, a crop top, a t-shirt in color white, black or any color that you'll find in your skirt is perfect for this outfit! I went with white because it gives the perfect soft summer look that i was going for. It is the perfect go to if you want to balance the look and if you don't wanna look all CRAY CRAY with crazy prints. 


IT'S SUPER COMFY you guys! I think the most important thing about having your own fashion style and all that is you're comfortable. first rule of everything. not really but you get the picture. I love being able to move around especially when I'm out with friends and family and with this outfit i can definitely do some break dancing if i want to, but i wont. that is such an exaggeration tbh. but again i know you get the picture.