OUTFIT POST ♥ Floral Maxi Skirt + Perfect Combos for Summer!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Heya what's up people!

So today I finally decided to put up my first blog post ever ! Ahhhhh! sorry I'm just really excited. Anyway I've always wanted to own one but i was just a bit scared, aren't we all? So here i am finally facing my fears and just living life to the fullest.yeah. 

Moving on... 
I wanted to start off with something that I personally enjoy when checking out other people's blog or youtube videos,twitter or instagram or Harry styles ...wait what? #YES
Which is *surprise* surprise* *Drumroll* an  OUTFIT POST!

 I absolutely adore this outfit! This is just the perfect summer look that i would definitely wear...ALL THE TIME. maybe I'm wearing it right now,maybe not ,who knows.  

                                                   FLORAL MAXI SKIRT                                                                              
     I purchased this from FOREVER21  few months ago and the quality as always is superb!
I was actually surprised that it wasnt as expensive as i thought it would be. It was around €12 I think which is a pretty good price! 

I love me some florals! I've a bit of obsessions with anything that has a floral print on it or any "flowery stuff". i swear it has nothing to do with me being a girl.nope. 
I never really thought that I would ever see myself wearing a Maxi Skirt given that I am pretty tiny, I'm very short hence the name of my blog "Little Lady" (just wanna put it out there haha). Sometimes I do find it hard to find bits and pieces to mix and match and Maxi Skirt is one of those. I've always had it in my head that says "DONT EVEN TRY IT GIRL YOU KNOW IT WONT LOOK GOOD ON YOU" but guess what?! I decided to be all rebel one day so I tried one and BOOM! I honestly love the way it fits me, I thought it was going to make me look even smaller but it didn't. Well i think so anyway.                                                                                                   

Lesson Learned : Not until you've given something a chance or even tried it never EVER jump into a conclusion that it wont work out for you or that you cant wear certain outfits. Trying is always a good idea. and pizza. #DEEP


This one is from Penneys /Primark for €8 only! how awesome is that?! again I am obsessed with this hat. It's just one of those MUST HAVES accessories that completes your outfit. I can pretty much wear this with anything and BOOM! Outfit complete! definitely makes any outfit 10 times better! in my case 100 times better! Plus it gives me a little extra height which is pretty fantastic (another tip for you my fellow shortie).  #IGOTU


My sister got this plain white shirt for me from the Philippines. I think its from this shop called  Black Sheep .not sure. Its so soft!i love it! Wearing any plain top, a bando, a crop top, a t-shirt in color white, black or any color that you'll find in your skirt is perfect for this outfit! I went with white because it gives the perfect soft summer look that i was going for. It is the perfect go to if you want to balance the look and if you don't wanna look all CRAY CRAY with crazy prints. 


IT'S SUPER COMFY you guys! I think the most important thing about having your own fashion style and all that is you're comfortable. first rule of everything. not really but you get the picture. I love being able to move around especially when I'm out with friends and family and with this outfit i can definitely do some break dancing if i want to, but i wont. that is such an exaggeration tbh. but again i know you get the picture. 

this bag is just perfect if you're like me who brings lots of unnecessary things in their bag PLUS its pretty! :).

love love this shoes/sandals because even if it has a tiny bit of heels which of course i need it's still super comfy!

closer look of the floral print of the Maxi Skirt

ACCESSORIES!  rings never fits my fingers but i still love them.

I just love how every bits and pieces of this outfit from head to toe goes with everything. It's basically screaming " WEAR ME , LET'S GO TO THE BEACH, HAVE A LOVELY PICNIC OR STROLL AROUND TOWN...I KNOW YOU WANT TO" Hahaha that sounds so creepy btw. So yes! this is definitely one of my favorite summer look so far! 

TOP                            ♥      Black sheep
MAXI SKIRT                ♥      Forever 21
HAT                            ♥       Penneys/Primark
SHOES                       ♥       Penneys/Primark
BAG                            ♥       New Look
SUNNIES                     ♥       New Look
RINGS                         ♥       Claires

That's it for this post guys!I'm still new to this whole thing.I am just going to share whatever and anything like my favorites and life in general.I definitely love fashion and DIY so I'll be posting a lot of that.I have this weird feeling that I probably have 3 readers already like "ME,MYSELF AND I" like what?! hahahaha JK (for real tho) #KBYE 
Trying to look all serious ...

just kidding ...

Quote:" if you want something you never had 
                       You have to do something  you've never done. "
I wanna know what's your favorite summer look so far! comment down below or tag me your picture on instagram or twitter! links below...I'm not nosy just curious. i swear. 
hope you're having a lovely summer! xoxo Camille ♥ 

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