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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

little sis telling me that it's time to go then runaway. Haha 

Heya! What's up everybody?!

So floral prints as we all know will always be on trend no matter what season spring/summer/fall/winter. They're just so fab that all year round you can definitely wear them! Deep red/burgundy is definitely my fall color,just saying. 

Ignoring my epic fail braided hair, I am so obsess with this flower crown that I purchase from Penneys/Primark! I love how it matches my jeans with its floral print and my ankle boots having the same shade in deep red. Twinning together, like sisters would do. It's for 3 euro only and I thought it was worth it. I'll have to learn how to wear them properly though! Haha .Also the gold studs detail of my bag compliments my gold necklace. So overall this look is on point matching and my awkward posing is on point as well like what even...no.

 What I'm wearing 

Flower crown - Primark/ Penneys 
Top - h&m 
Bag - Topshop
Necklace -Forever21
Shoes- Primark/ Penneys 

Jeggings  (I dont where they're from) 

My mother's friend gave me this crazy gorgeous floral print jeggings and they're so comfy! I decided to wear them last Sunday when I was out with my fam in DunLaoghrie (not bothered to check google if I spelt it right) where the sea front is. Every Sunday there's a mini market with stalls of food and other stuff in the park which is always fun because cmmn FOOD?! Anyway luckily the last day of summer here in Ireland was kind enough to give us a lovely weather to enjoy although it was still very windy...explains the state of my hair and apparently I don't even know how to braid my hair properly. Top says "Whatever" though. So to welcome Fall I think what I'm wearing here is just appropriate. maybe not but sure....
I have to admit! I am very excited for fall! 

Let me know what's your favourite thing about fall and what are you looking forward  the most about it? 
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Lots of love,
Camille xoxo