Thursday, 9 October 2014




I recently received uhm I don't know probably the best birthday present ever! It's the Bethany Mota Fragrance. WHAT?! Thank you so much to my bestest friend who knows me too well! If you're following me on twitter or Instagram well you probably know already that I'm a fan of hers. She's the coolest and like oh my goodness have you seen her on Dancing with the stars?!Also she's releasing a new single this coming Monday. This lady slays. Well I can fangirl all day and night  but I should probably tell you what I think of her fragrance now.


Aztec Box & Lid/ Charms/ Bow/Heart-shaped bottle 

♥  I love how she chose the Aztec print. Also, the color combination that Bethany chose was definitely perfect because Gold and this shade of Blue worked together. It's definitely not hard to spot it right away when you're in a shop. It's that design and style that when you see it you will have to look at it again. Aztec is one of the most popular prints that people are in-love including myself of course. 

♥  Again sticking with the theme from the design of the amazing Aztec gold and blue box ,its lid or the cover of the perfume was the same.

♥ I absolutely adore the bow that was added to the lid because it inspired some girly effect on it. Also as we all "Motavators" know already ... Bethany love her bows. #BowsbeforeBros #yo

 Those Charms Though! Oh yes those charms which includes a crescent, her heart shape logo and a plate where her name was imprinted is definitely my favourite! It made the perfume very personal especially for her "besties" "viewers" "fans". It's like a present for all of us. 

♥  The bottle is of course in a heart-shaped.  Again it goes with the overall theme and design of the fragrance. I  love how there's an "xoxo beth" signature in it. TOO CUTE! Plus! there is that gold shimmer at the bottom of the the bottle making it super fancy. So fancy.

♥  Who doesn't love a little discount? Well here as you can see from one  of the photos above that she also have a cute scratch card where if you're lucky, you'll get some cool promos and discounts.  Awesome.


♥  PERFECTION! The scent of this fragrance is hands down an absolute perfection!It's sweet which I like but not too sweet. If you know what I mean. I've been searching for that perfect scent that I want and love and the minute I open and smelled it, I just fell in-love with it. It's for those people who are into mild sweet and girly scent. I guess I'm one of those people. 

♥ Stays all day.You only need to spray it  once and you're good for the day. I feel like when I wear this scent I am ready and hyped to face the day with a bright smile because... hello? I am wearing Bethany Mota's fragrance. We are twinning . If that doesn't make you smile I don't know where I'm going with this but I guess you get my point. 

Anyway to sum up this I don't know if you can even call this a review of her fragrance but what I'm going to say is it is the definition of PERFECTION. You can definitely tell that every single detail about this fragrance was carefully chosen and thought  about. On point from inside and outside. I suggest to definitely if you love collecting different fragrance/ perfume to pick this one up. It's worth it. 

If someone asks me who inspired me to do and bother making this little blog I would say Bethany Mota. Watching her videos this year literally inspired and encouraged me that we all have that freedom to do and say whatever it is that we want. We don't need someone's approval. Doing what you love and your passion is the most important thing. It's what we call "living". She is such an inspiration to everyone and seeing her in the spotlight and living her dreams makes me so happy and proud. Her confidence is honestly contagious, it's like she sprinkles each one of us of that happy and positive outlook in life that she have. She "motavates" us all to work hard if we want to achieve our dreams and goals in life. 
Ok guys, my fangirling stops here...for now anyway. *wink*

Lots of love and kisses,

Camille ♥

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Quotes of the month ♥ September

Sunday, 5 October 2014




Oh heya! Guess who's back from the world of inconsistency. Right, well I guess that would be me guys. Been so busy lately since College started. There's a lot going on with my life right now and it 's stressing me out a little bit. Everyone have their own dilemma's in life to deal with right? Some things just get a little too much but you know what...

I  want to share to you some of the quotes that helps me cope when I find myself in stressful times.I may have went overboard because I have a lot of it. It never fails (ALL THE TIME ) to slap me in the face and remind me that "girl suck it up and work hard" if you want something out of this life. Complaining and stressing out will take you nowhere. You're wasting time for stressing out that you don't have enough time for anything. Sacrifices has to be done sometimes.

Anyway ,even though it may almost feel like you're about to give up and you just want to stop know deep down all you need is a 5 minutes break  to contemplate life and appreciate that you still have that reason to get up in the morning. Often times we forget that all these challenges that comes in our way are the ones that helps us to focus in achieving our goals in life. Life would be pretty boring if everything is just handed to us right? there's no such thing as an "easy way" to everything. It takes time and hard work. TIME AND HARD WORK AND GETTING UP IN THE MORNING. 

I hope if you're stressing and or you just don't know where you're at , at this stage in this silly world that these quotes and little blog post  will help and give you a bit of a new perspective in life. Together we will beat these challenges girl!We will slay together. Let's all wake up in the morning and be thankful for  all the good things that we have right now. Even if that good thing is just  because you're still  alive and kicking or you didn't have to wait for your late bus or  if you're lucky Harry styles finally put up a selfie on our instagram feed . Embrace and wear that positive vibe all day. #WECANEVEN #BAAM 

Lots of Love, 
Camille xoxo