Sunday, 2 November 2014



buttoned-up chic style. 





Ripped jeans, bandana and whatnot HIGH STREET style? COOL. 



Heya guys! 

How are you all? Hope you all had an amazing halloween either you  dress up and went out  with your friends to a party or  did some trick or treating with your little sister or brother, maybe just you that's cool too. No one's too old for sweets. OK. Maybe you decided to stay in and watched some classic Halloween movies, who wouldn't like that? I'm down for that but this year I  dressed up as "Gothic Pocahontas" and went out with my bestfriends but I think I  looked more of a hippie/boho I dont even know. 

Anyway for this blog post I decided to show you how I style my Plaid shirt. There are like so many ways to style it right? but this is just the 3 look that I absolutely love. I'm literally obsessed with   this gorgeous navy and red plaid shirt  from Forever21 for 12 euro only  guys . It is super comfy and dark tones are my favourite.  Also the shoes that I paired with all 3 outfits are definitely my favorite shoes right now. I purchased it from the lovely Penneys for 20 euro (I think) and it is worth it because it is affordable compared to the other stores which is super expensive plus it is super comfy! Been wearing them a lot recently because it goes with everything.  

I love all these 3 different style but I definitely go for outfit # 2 most of the time because why not? Just kidding because I love anything that I pair with this super amazing on trend ripped peekaboo knee jeans which I've been wearing a lot aswell recently. Let me know if you LOVE plaids like me which style is your favorite out of the 3 or show me how you style a plaid shirt? Feel free to tag me in your instagram pictures or share your blog name or your blog page in the comments section below, I would definitely love to see them. 

(Thank you to my friend who took these shots and guess what she owns a blog too so check it out click this link  right here >>> thechocolatetherapy )

Love you and have a lovely day ♥ 

Lots of love, 

Camille ♥