Christmas is all about...

Friday, 26 December 2014

Hey guys!

I know this post is a day late because Christmas was yesterday but anyway 
but seriously though, why can't it be Christmas everyday?! Hahaha well if it's Christmas everyday it will probably  lose the special-ness-ish of it. We won't have that excitement and thrill when it comes to looking forward on that day. Also, no one have the time " everyday" to prepare fancy dinner, put up festive decorations (my favourite) and buying presents ( actually this is my favourite "more like receiving presents tbh") because lets get real everyone has their daily things like I don't know work, school, running errands or other stuff that take up their day.

I just want to share some few shots I took awhile ago of few of our Christmas decor that we put up. Getting all the feels. Festive feels, that is.  Also, maybe share my thoughts what Christmas is all about and why I love it so much. Can't imagine someone hating on Christmas to be honest. Like why? what? how? can't even?! NOT JUDGING THOUGH! Everyone have a reason to why that is.

For me Christmas is that one special day where we get to have a reason to gather our family together and share special meals, showing appreciation of each other by buying special presents that we think that person will absolutely love. Getting presents on Christmas for each member of our family  or our friends is so special because we pause for minute and to actually took time to think about that one special thing that best represents that person. It gives us the chance to think about that person, Which is the real meaning of Christmas...thinking about our special loved ones, friends and family. The value of your  present doesn't matter because what really matters is big or small, you took time to get that person a present and thought about them. It's the thought that counts.

I don't know if you've notice but nowadays we are all so caught up hanging with our friends, sometimes we would rather hang out with them than our family because... I don't know why to be honest. The sad part is  most of the time we don't really hang out with our friends but we are constantly on our phone, scrolling, refreshing all our social media accounts not really doing anything. That's just how this generation is. We are so detached from reality sometimes. I for one is guilty for that. So this brings me back to why Christmas day is so special because we get to spend some quality time with our family. We get to enjoy life offline (right after we update our facebook, twitter, instagram etc with "Merry Christmas" greetings) . From getting everything ready in putting up Christmas decors together to planning what to have for Christmas dinner and watching a movie. That one day where everything seems so chill not having to worry about anything but  just to enjoy a relaxing day with your family. Most people have their parents working full time everyday that by the time they get home its too late to even have dinner together. Christmas day is so special because we are given that time to just sit down, talk, have a laugh and maybe few arguments over silly things like who took the last slice of cake (not pudding) . I see Christmas day as a lazy stay in keeping it cozy day. 

Christmas is really all about having that one special day the world has set for us to celebrate and appreciate all the blessings that you've received with out special loved ones. Its about giving thanks for what the year has brought to us, the joys and heartaches all counts. Either you had a mega super big fancy celebration or just a simple one its pretty much the same it makes no difference if you enjoyed it together with your loved ones.  Christmas is a celebration of our Savior Jesus Christ's Birthday and by that we celebrate it by showing love and care to one another. 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones!Let's not forget to not only show our love for them on Christmas day or any special occasions but remember to value our time with them everyday. 

Lots of Love, 

Camille xxx