HOW TO STYLE ♥ Winter loving layers outfit idea #1

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

First Layer: Pop-up Top

I decided to wear a colourful popping  top as my first layer for this outfit so when I put on extra layers of clothes it will still stand out. 

I absolutely love this galaxy top because its colours aren't too bright that will make it all too summery. It is a bit more in the darker tones which is perfect for Winter. 

When you see a BAE and your friends tell you to act normal. Yep. 

Second Layer: Bershka Leather Jacket add-on 

 Leather Jacket. YES PLEASE. It is so warm and I purchase it from Bershka on sale. ON SALE. I got it for a great deal so I'm pretty happy about that. 

Leather Jacket if you own one pretty much goes with everything. It adds to a more edgy look for this outfit which I love. 

Sorry not sorry that my fave shoes looks like they're not themselves atm. I forgot to do that thing where you polish it once in awhile. 

Third Layer: Final Layer -Green Topshop Coat 

For the final layer I put on this gorgeous Coat from Topshop. I love the colour and how it gives that bright vibrant colour that compliments the colours that my galaxy top have. 

 I paired these  layers with my black ripped jeans together with my favourite pair of chunky boots from Penney/Primark.  I know it's freezing cold so what am I thinking exposing my knees right? I usually wear it either  with my black tights or leggings... Some people will probably think that its weird but no its not. Some people actually do wear tights or legging underneath their jeans. OK. I swear it's ok to do it. *wink *wink (not in a creepy way)

I accessorize this look by wearing these "layered" necklaces together with my choker and the heart-shaped necklace. I've been loving these necklaces at the moment because again it spices up my outfit. 


I know its annoying me too looking at my heart-shaped" dude are you lost? Get back on your lane! "

Layering is so much fun. Just want to put that out there.  I use to hate the idea of it. Layering gives you the opportunity to be a bit more creative with your style which is why I love it.  It is a struggle sometimes because you have got to choose the right pieces that will work and compliment each other but once you find that perfect layers that you can play around then girl  you are sorted for this freezing our butt season.

I know it's the end of January already but here in Ireland it's still freezing cold. Like so cold that you literally wish you could just stay in bed with your laptop or a book and a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows of course...forget about the book and hot chocolate maybe just STAY IN BED AND SLEEP TILL YOU FINALLY REALISE THAT YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME SLEEPING IN BECAUSE THERE'S A WHOLE WORLD WAITING FOR YOU TO DO SOMETHING  WITH YOUR LIFE. #what

What I'm trying to say is because it's so cold it is giving us more reason to be lazy, having that excuse not to go out and live a life.  Moving here in Ireland 3 years ago I have no clue on what and how do people dress up for winter and prepare themselves for these torturous cold, freezing our butts and well pretty much every part of our body. Note that where I came from, Philippines is the complete opposite of Ireland. Weather for one. I used to live in this hot, humid country where we pretty much have the same weather all year round- HOT HOT HOT. 

This outfit idea may look like it's not warm enough but it is. I swear. Next week though I have another  "Winter loving layers outfit idea" for you  that will probably look so warm  and cozy  that you might as well wear it 24/7 especially with this season.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and leave a comment below sharing your favourite piece that you have at the moment that you pretty much wear everyday. It can be a top, jeans, accessories or your favourite pair of shoes. 

Lots of Love, 

Camille ♥

Skincare ♥ Stay Simple

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hey guys! 

So  today I decided to share to you some of my skin loving facial products that I've been using. The name is not that hard to remember because its simple, it's SIMPLE!  hahahaha! No that didn't work at all. #sorrynotsorry  These are the four Simple facial skin products I've been loving recently. Every Simple products doesn't contain any artificial perfume that will irritate your skin which is why it is perfect for people who have  sensitive skin , like me. Also all of these products have vitamins and skin loving ingredients leaving your skin hydrated and moisturised  which is why it is a must have! You can get them from your local pharmacy they even have it in Penneys (Primark)! They are very affordable too! 

Simple products are by far proven and tested that they are perfect for sensitive skin, also I read it and you'll see it somewhere in their  products that they are "UKs no. 1"  facial & beauty brand and also in other EU countries including Ireland. Woah. Woah. They are telling the truth guys. I agree 100% to that. Their products has been absolutely gentle, kind, and loving to my skin. That description could pass for a perfect boyfriend to be honest. Right?! 

Over the years  JK like a year ago, summer time maybe haha I started using  more make-up, by that I mean that I'm actually learning how to use concealer, bronzer all that things most girls by now know how to do. Also, I've been eating loads  of unhealthy foods (still do.. who doesn't?!) so my skin has gone from bad to worse. Spots was everywhere! My forehead especially, it was like they decided to throw a party in there but forgot to give me an invitation. RUDE.  I thought maybe I needed to try  more intense products with lots of weird ingredients,so science-cy names I can't even pronounce but none of them really worked for me. Sad face. Apart from one Neutrogena another facial cleansing product that was very good to my skin and one that I use every night to wash my face.

Recently, I decided to go back to the product that I first use and loved. I started using Simple again. After just a few days my skin has calm down and absolutely been loving the feeling every after wash together  applying with a simple moisturiser and toner cleanser. They go together like when a group of girls go together to public toilets. Fact...I was meant to send the Simple facial wash gel and moisturiser over to my sister to the Philippines but unfortunately the person who's bringing it with here didn't had enough space to her luggage that she had to leave it but YAY because it gave me the reason to use it and fall in love with it again. As you do. 

#1 Simple Hydrating Moisturizer 

I use this every after I use the facial wash gel in the morning. I love love using it before applying makeup too if ever I go out and socialize and see people. I know going outside... ugh. The effort. I'm thinking of getting the rich moisturiser when I finish this because it's the light one. Still works perfectly though. 

#2 Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel 

I use this every morning and it absolutely refreshes your face. My first step of getting rid my sleepy, stressful looking face in the morning. Coffee for our skin basically. I don't know if you've notice but FYI it says there that it's 100% soap free. If that doesn't make you love it even more... I can't even. 

       #3 Simple Pore Minimizing Toning Cleanser

I don't use this as much as I would use the facial wash and moisturiser. I sometime use this at night after using my Neutrogena facial wash. If my skin is feeling really dry and annoying me I'll use this one. 

           #4 Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream

I lost its lid. RIP Lid. 
I use this every night as my moisturiser. I love this because it's rich in vitamins and have 4 skin loving ingredients. For some reason I think it works brilliantly whenever I apply it at night rather than in the morning. I feel over the night while I'm asleep it works its magic that in the morning my skin feels so soft and loved. Note that when you use this in the morning it gives and leaves your skin with sparkly bits and if you don't like that then probably use at night instead. It kinda gives you an Edward Cullen bright shiny shimmer when the light strikes at you hence the name 'radiance'. I love it though so sometimes I do use this in the morning. 

If I am completely honestly the reason and I know it too on why my skin has been awful  was 70% of it is because of my laziness. I always forget to wash my face. So guys the best skincare tip ever is to always, always make time to wash your face with whatever facial wash you're using. Especially if during the day you've been wearing makeup and if you're out where you'll most likely be expose to dust and other dirt clogging your skin  so as soon as you get home wash your face. 

If you love Simple as much as I do then do express your love in the comment section below and let me know what other Simple products that I MUST try out that you've tried already  and that you feel strongly people should know about. We can even fangirl over Simple products. I have fangirling issues and I don't even care. If you follow me on twitter and instagram then you'll probably know about all the things I fangirl about. Like a freak. I will link down below my Twitter, Instagram and other social websies I'm in because I've no life. JK.
If you feel like your skin is getting a bit annoying with all these spots, drying out, blackheads plotting some kind of apocalypse maybe instead of trying out some pretty serious facial products try Simple first, STAY SIMPLE. After awhile and you feel like you need to try something else because it's not doing the job then maybe you should... Its your skin and you should take care of it the way you want to. 

Lots of love,

Camille ♥