HOW TO STYLE ♥ Winter loving layers outfit idea #2

Sunday, 8 February 2015

First Layer

I am wearing the same top, shoes and jeans from my last  post if you want to see it just click this link right here >>> HOW TO STYLE ♥ Winter loving layers outfit idea #1

Second Layer: Burgundy New Look Coat

For my second layer I am just wearing this coat from New Look. This is actually my first proper winter coat ever since I moved here in Ireland. It took me awhile to decide what colour and style do I want to be stuck wearing over and over again during this cold season. Originally I wanted colour black or brown but I end up buying this one because I actually really love this  colour and how it gives me that skater dress look and not that boring straight cut type. 

Third Layer: Not so famous Plaid Scarf

Last and Final Layer is ofcourse "not so popular" kidding I think everyone have them as their must haves for Winter because everyday walking up to College  you'll see people wearing them with different colour combo and style.

People love them because #1 Plaid/Checkered Prints are very on trend right now. They make your outfit stand out and very stylish. #2 This scarves are super warm.  

The weather at the moment is starting to get less colder now. Spring time is coming and that means... oh yes we will finally get to wear our less bulky clothes and maybe more pastel lively colours like for one Mint Green. CAN'T WAIT. 

I just wanna share this cute little inspirational photo I saw from my twitter timeline. I just really love it and well I hope this will change your perspective about life too. 

Lots of Love, 

Camille ♥