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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Dry and Uneven skin tone? Looking for a quick pick up to bring back some glow in your skin? This post is for you! I feel your struggle girl! 

Product| Quick Fix Facials| Brightening Peel Mask - €6.00 
(Purchased from boots)

Lets talk about this amazing facial mask. 

 Exactly what is written on its packaging it says that it is a "wonder mask packed with hero ingredients to effortlessly and efficiently banish everyday skin issues". This face mask was created specifically for ladies who are struggling from dull, tired, lifeless, dry and uneven skin tone and looking for a quick and real pick up. 

Ingredients that solves your skin issue? 
This glorious skincare product is definitely one of my favourite. "It is full packed with hero ingredients" which inlcudes:

Papaya Extract - helps promote cell turnover creating healthy and glowing skin. 
MulberryExtract-  contains skin brightening elements to help even out skin tone.
Goji Berry- known to stimulate and energize skin to help boost radiance. 

Sounds amazing right?!


Apply evenly a thin layer onto your skin. 
Leave it for 5-10 minutes which will help bringing back your skin's radiance.
Peel away from face and there will be residues left so use warm water or a warm damp cloth to wipe it away. 

What I like about this product: (Like I still need to give more praises)
•  It is super quick to apply. It is a clear gel that you quickly spread all over your face or specific dry areas of your face. 
• You can quickly peel it off afterwards.
This is my favourite part because its so much fun. 
• It leaves your skin super smooth and refresh. 
• You can instantly see the result as you will notice your skin to glow. 
• It is affordable. 

What I don't like about this product:
• It is a bit messy. Messy when your peeling off the face mask only because it doesn't peel off all at once and there are some residues left. 
• Requires fast application. It dries up really quick so you have to be fast when applying it to your face. 

That's not a major downside to this facial mask. What's important is the result that it gives and delivers exactly what it says it would do for you. 

My skin is not the best. My uneven skin tone is definitely noticeable because my forehead is a lot darker than the rest of my face. Don't ask. Its just is :(.  I also get really bad dry skin. Most of the time I don't feel 100%. It is also hard for my foundation and concealer and powder to set properly. These past few weeks has been the best that my skin felt. 

I have taken few tips and tried some products to solve this dilemma, in which I am going to share to you guys in a series of different posts. I want to write a review post for individual products rather than doing it all at once. I like focusing in one product so I don't limit myself talking about it. There will be times that I will do a post with more than one product in it.

I buy products that are affordable and what suits and fits my budget. So hopefully if someone is like me, this post will enlighten and help you. You don't need to spend fortune to look your best. 

If you wish to purchase this facial mask,you can visit Boots in stores or Buy it Online here (click "buy it online" to re-direct you to boots website) 

 Hope you liked this little review, let me know what you think of Quick Fix facials brightening peel if you've used it already or if you are going to give it a try. Comment on the section area below.

Lots of  Love,

Camille xoxo

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