Monday, 8 August 2016

Hello Everyone!

I have been meaning to write and share a post about my fun day in Longitude Festival  last July! I am a little late as always but I still  want to share my outfit and look that day. I went for that Boho chic style. I went full on with glitter and gems and chains and elephant prints and whatnot. Sometimes you just gotta do it, you know? haha. 

Before I share my fun day singing along and snapping with my friends I am going to share where I my I got everything first and hopefully this look gives you a little inspiration next time you are heading or planning to go to a festival. 


DRESS- H&M Coachella range- €10 

H&M have  so much festival inspired dresses right now. They have a coachella range which I think  kind of make it as your perfect place to go to? ALSO! if your budget is pretty tight like me it is the perfect place to pick up an outfit that will make you look like the festival queen as they are only €7-€10. They are on sale right now , plus they have so many colours, style and prints to choose from . There are still a lot in stock in store and online. 

I love the  elephant detailed print at the bottom of the dress. It is also off-the-shoulder.