OOTD: Afternoon Tea+ blogger day out

Friday, 24 March 2017

Casual street style. 

Hey Everyone!

So today I am going to be sharing what I wore last Tuesday  when i went for an afternoon tea. I am Absolutely in L-O-V-E with this look. This is the first leather jacket I bought that I absolutely love because the fitting is perfect and it just matches well with my ripped jeans and this very trendy lace white top.

This type of top is very on trend right now. Topshop, River Island, Primark is piling up their stocks in the shop with these cute lace tutu style. You'll see this in dresses, as a detail at the bottom of a tee top or an overall top. Its very feminine but can be easily dress up to be somewhat edgy and grungy, girly  or in my case here- a little bit on the street style vibe. 


You can purchase my look on the link below: 


So last Tuesday me and my fabulous friend Daintydressdiaries (IG) was off for the day and decided to go on a little blogger day.  We rarely do this so when we found out that there was a deal in Dublin's french shop the  Laduree Dublin (facebook) -  where they had an offer of 2 for €45 afternoon tea ( which is still on until the end of March ) we decided to set a day. This is just the perfect excuse for us to take cute selfies, sit down, enjoy some delicious sweet desserts and have some classic girly chats. We all love some girly chats.  

We also did of course a little shoot when we were in town because we were  blessed with good weather - I mean good weather here in Ireland is still freezing cold but just no rain and hailstones. I guess it was considered a good day plus the sun was actually shining.  Can you believe it...haha.I had so much fun that day and I think its important that we take days off and actually plan to enjoy it. It made me realise how important for us to pencil in time for ourselves to do things that we enjoy and love then get back to hustling. 

Let me know what you think of this little OOTD. I personally love blogposts like this because I like seeing what people wear all the time.  So do leave your blogpost links and I would love to have a little nosy on your OOTD posts! 

Q: What do you guys do on your me time or days off? What fun stuff do you do with your bffs? 

Have a good weekend everyone! See you on my next post or follow me on Instagram because I pretty much live there (kidding- maybe). 

Lots of Love,

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  1. Such a lovely look, top is amazing! Your so pretty too!!