Welcome to my little blog.
If you are wondering, my name is Camille. I am currently a 2nd year student taking Human Resources Management. I also work part-time in a retail store. I'm a Filipino but I am currently living and wandering around Ireland, breathing their fresh Irish air.
 I like taking pictures and sharing it in this online world and throw in some caption and #hashtags.

This blog is a place where I wish to share my passions, hobbies, and things that I love basically. The things that aren’t up my street have no relevance or whatsoever here. Let’s spread love and positivity only. I am here to talk about pretty much anything that interest me and hopefully interest you too. However I do like to express my opinions just a little bit more  on fashion, beauty , music favourites and life.

I don’t buy things that go beyond what I can afford. You don’t need to spend fortune to look your best. Also, I want to be able to help my fellow petites size to find clothes that flatters our body shape. It’s a real struggle.  Also for people who aren’t a big spender, then girl that’s what I’m all about.

FASHION. I love fashion and the art behind it. In other words I like to play dress up and take pictures and share it to you guys. I like mixing and matching two pieces together and to create something beautiful. I wear clothes that I love and most comfortable in. I love to make an effort with what I wear because it is my way to express and not to impress. True story.  If you are happy with what your wear and look it will definitely give you a bit of boost of confidence. I’m not saying that clothes are everything but it is one way to build up your self-confidence.
What’s my style? To be honest # Tbh I don’t have a specific style. It really depends on what mood I’m in. It’s mainly street style, boho, grunge, chic and sale stuff that I see.  Whatever fits my budget would be my kind of style at the moment.  

I am only starting to explore the beauty world and to be honest with fashion too. This is why in every post I put up is a learning step and a journey for my discoveries and wish to somehow help you too! I hope my posts gives you some inspirations and help in some way.   
Every Little Helps.

Lastly, like everyone else, I have this blog simply because I enjoy doing it and it is fun.
So…That’s basically just a little intro about me and my little blog. 
Hope you enjoy my posts as much I enjoy putting them together.
Lots of Love,

Camille xxx 

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